Week 2 - Gamification

January 16th-22nd, 2012


During week two, we'll be looking at the concept of 'gamification' - what it is, and how it can be applied to language teaching and learning. We'll be looking at using games for Speaking and listening. and you will also have a chance to look at some systems for 'gamifying' your own classroom. Finally hear how a teacher involved her own young learners in the creation of a game in our live session at the end of the week.



  • Read the article 'Gamification and Language Teaching'

  • Download and read the first of our two special booklets 'Language Teaching with Online Digital Games Part A Speaking and Listening'

  • Think about the 'For discussion' questions below and add your reflections to Week 2's 'For Discussion' forum in the Moodle
  • In preparation for and after Ozge's live session, add your comments and questions to the 'Digital Games - Ozge' forum

For Discussion

  • Do you think gamification can be applied to your own teaching context? How would you do it?
  • Could you use any of the systems mentioned in the Gamification article?
  • What did you think of the games for Speaking and Listening and the ideas for using them?
  • Can you recommend other games that promote Speaking and Listening in the language classroom?

Further Reading