Computer Games & Language Learning

23rd-29th January, 2012

During week three, we'll continue looking at the use of computer games in the language classroom. Specifically, we'll be looking at using games for Reading & Writing and Grammar & Vocabulary. You will also have the opportunity to participate in another live session about online games.

computer games and language learning
computer games and language learning

  • Our weekly synchronous session is on Thursday 26th January at 20.30 GMT with Kyle Mawer talking about his experience of using Online Games. The link to the room is here You can prepare for this session by taking a look at Kyle's wiki - this will give you a better idea of the work he does with his learners.

  • Download and read the second of our two special booklets 'Language Teaching with Online Digital Games Part B Reading & Writing, Vocabulary & Grammar'
  • Think about the 'For discussion' questions below and add your reflections to Week 3's 'For Discussion' forum in the Moodle
  • In preparation for and after Kyle's live session, add your comments and questions to the 'Online Games - Kyle Mawer' forum

For Discussion
  • Can you think of any other ideas for promoting Reading using digital games?
  • Other than what is mentioned in the booklet, can you think of any other writing tasks to set learners after they have played a computer game?
  • The booklet suggests some, but what other ways of practising vocabulary can you think of that take advantage of digital games?
  • Apart from the obvious gap fill using the walkthrough, can you think of any other ideas for grammar practice with the computer games you have come across so far?

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