Week 4 - Gamification & Teacher Development

30th January- 5th February, 2012

During week four, we'll be looking at teacher development through gamification as well as revisiting some of the concepts of what 'gamification' is in a wider context, beyond the classroom. We'll explore why & how games encourage greater levels of intrinsic motivation as well creating a positive 'engagement economy'. There will be two synchronous sessions this week. In the first we will hear from a teacher trainer about how he incorporated games into professional development. In the second we will hear about how professional development has evolved in recent years.

the schoolgame
the schoolgame


  • Read the article 'Has the Gamification of Reality Already Begun' by Christopher Mims.
  • Watch the TED Talk on Gaming by Jane McGonigal
  • Think about the 'For discussion' questions below and add your reflections to Week 4's 'For Discussion' forum in the Moodle
  • In preparation for and after Paul & Rob's live sessions, add your comments and questions to the forums below

For Discussion
  • In what ways do you think gamification can lead to increased participation in professional development
  • Which social networks (Twitter, Google+, Facebook) do you currently use for professional development and how have they been helpful?
  • In what ways do you currently develop your teaching and knowledge of teaching?
  • If you don't currently use social networks for professional development, how do you think these could be helpful?

Further Reading & Links