Week 5 - Evaluation & Wrap-Up

6th-12th February, 2012

This week is a time for reflecting on what we have learned, extending discussions and concluding projects. You are invited to help us develop the session wiki into a comprehensive and useful resource, and to keep in touch with your virtual colleagues for as long as you like.

Game Over
Game Over

Input We will be having one last synchronous session that we hope will be a discussion with some of you about Teaching and Language Learning through Gamification. Would you like to take part? Please let us know. Day/Time to be decided. Link to the IATEFL Adobe roomto be added soon.

For Discussion

  • Do you have any reflections on the video or article (above) to share?
  • What aspects of the EVO session have you found most useful?
  • What are you going to take away with you from TLLG? (in other words, what are you going to try out with your learners, etc?)

Further Reading